ENTRANCE POLICY: Professional Beauty is reserved for trade and professional visitors only. Due to the professional nature of the event, babies and children under 16 cannot be admitted.
Skin Sense Day Spa relaunches 4 December 2017   Colette van Niekerk In existence for 20 years in Rivonia, Johannesburg, the Skin Sense Day Spa has been relaunched under new ownership. The relaunch has involved a change of colour palette in the spa, from teal to tranquil grey, as well as a change of logo and website. In addition, an aesthetic practice, run by Dr Thys Heyns, has now moved onto the property, which allows for easy cross-referral of clients between spa and aesthetics practice. Says Skin Sense Day Spa MD Colette van Niekerk, who is a partner in the spa together with Bertus van Niekerk and Brett Rowly. “Apart from our lovely location, which is like a big country garden, we can offer guests everything in terms of treatments and even have our own hair salon, Hair@Skin Sense, which caters for all hair types. ”While the original spa did have its own restaurant – Food Sense – we have relaunched it into a 35-seater restaurant called The Cooking Accountants, which is open not only to spa guests but to the general public as well. The restaurant is very popular for corporate functions and spa groups, such as bridal showers for example, as well as small weddings and wine pairings.” She notes that Skin Sense has invested in a photobiostimulation (LED) device to offer clients true ‘skin fitness’. “We have also developed an alopecia treatment for ethnic hair, as a lot of clients suffer with traction alopecia. This is a long term treatment and can take up to six months.” The spa has 23 therapists and multiple treatment rooms and massage rooms, as well as several hydro facilities. Skincare brands offered at the spa include Matis, Mary Cohr, Kalahari and pHformula. At a recent event held at the spa to announce its relaunch, Dr Thys Heyns demonstrated a PRP (platelet rich plasma) facial (also known as the Vampire facial), using a cocktail comprised of the patient’s own platelets and non- crosslinked hyaluronic acid and injected into the skin with a DermaQueen device. (Report by Joanna Sterkowicz)
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