ENTRANCE POLICY: Professional Beauty is reserved for trade and professional visitors only. Due to the professional nature of the event, babies and children under 16 cannot be admitted.
Seminars - Sunday 3 September
10.50 - 11.50 Building Your Brand with Social Media, Ayesha Rajah Get your Business Noticed On-line, and gain insights on how to use various social media platforms to grow your business. Learn what works and what to avoid when using these platforms to make your on-line marketing a success.
Business Skills and Knowledge Advanced Treatments and Medical Aesthetics Nail Techniques and Technology BOOK ON-LINE AND SAVE 25% ON THE USUAL PRICE OF R100 To book a seminar simply scroll down the list below and select each one you wish to attend by clicking Buy Now and the number of seats, these will automatically be allocated to your shopping basket that appears in the bottom right of your screen. Once you have finished browsing, simply click on the basket and pay using your credit/cheque/debit card. You will then receive an invoice which you should bring to the event. Please don’t forget to also register for the expo itself.
09.30 - 10.30 Meeting Client’s Needs & Building guest Relations, Sharon Scholtz You spend an awful lot of time in getting new clients to book into your salon or spa, make sure that you have the tools to meet their expectations. But also you need to continue with the process to ensure that they come back time after time.
13.55 - 14.45 Staff Retention, Tzvia Hermann So you have a great team working for you and everyone is performing well, what a great position to be in. How do you ensure that your happy team stays with you, after all the investment and time creating this great working dynamic, how do you keep your staff?
12.10 - 13.10 How to set up a spa, Sheila Otieno-Osanya There are probably many people in the world that have visited a spa and thought “I can do better than that”, but how many people really know what to do and can then share that knowledge and expertise. Sheila Mutugi will share her knowledge and give you great insights that count.
Programme 1 Business Skills & Knowledge
09.30 - 10.30 The challenges of permanent hair removal and high photo types, Donna Broude A lecture on the different types of hair removal available on the market and the challenges one faces when treating lighter hairs and what can be done to overcome this.
12.10 - 13.10 Key Cosmetic Ingredients suitable for Melanin Suppression and why they work, Dr Judy Pretorious With so many cosmetic products on the market to treat hyperpigmentation, what is key to the success of a formulation and what ingredient percentage is vital for long lasting effective results.
13.55 - 14.55 Use Treatment Outcomes to Grow Your Business, Charlene Weidner How to build a loyal clientele, through in-depth client consultation and properly measured results.
15.15 - 16.15 Effective Homeopathic Aromatherapy in Skin Treatments and Pigmentation, Dr Katerina Tsvyetkova . MD  PhD A lecture looking at the role that aromatherapy ingredients play with regards to anti-ageing and Pigmentation
Programme 2 Advanced Treatments & Medical Aesthetics
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15.15 - 16.15 Motivation, Future Thinking, John Sanei A trend specialist, business strategist, keynote speaker and entrepreneur. He has ‘Trenovated’ with the like of SAPPI, Microsoft, and De Beers to name but a few. John will address the contextualisation of trends that have a direct impact on how salon and spa owners can innovate focusing on the future of the industry, consumers and employees
10.50 - 11.50 Selecting Aesthetic Devices, Jacques Pretorius With so many devices on the market this can be overwhelming, how do you make the best decision for an aesthetic practice starting out.
Please Note - There are no nail seminars on the Sunday, the Professional Beauty Nail Competition is running instead. Click here for more details
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