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Pro bono burn victim case for Hitech 3 July 2017                                                                                                                                                                                                               Wicus Olivier, Dr Gary Dos Passos and Dr Kamlen Pillay                                                 Wanga Badi, an eight-year old child who sustained severe burn scars from a shack fire, is receiving a series of pro bono Lumenis UltrPulse CO2 laser treatments with SCAARFX, provided by Hitech Lasers. Treatments are being carried out at Life Fourways Hospital by aesthetic surgeons for the Red Cross Children’s Hospital in Cape Town.     Says Wicus Olivier jnr., director of Hitech Hitech Lasers: “Burns are considered amongst the most devastating of injuries so therefore we are grateful to be part of the journey to turn Wanga’s ‘Burns into Beauty’. Wanga has already received two of the planned series of pro bono Lumenis UltraPulse CO2 with SCAAR FX laser treatments. “As a 4-year-old, Wanga sustained severe facial burn scars when her family’s shack burnt down. The SABC Foundation, together with Dr Anushka Reddy, took the initiative to organise Wanga’s treatment, with all costs taken care of by the SABC Foundation. Dr Kamlen Pillay from Red Cross Children’s Hospital in Cape Town acts as surgeon in charge, assisted by colleagues from France and Cape Town. Hitech Lasers provides the CO2 laser for all Wanga’s treatments.” He notes that the laser uses up to 150 mJ per pulse and allows direct penetration into the scar tissue up to 4.0 mm.     “The unique ablation/coagulation ratio of UltraPulse was designed to substantially improve the structure of deep contracted skin lesions,” continues Olivier. “This leads to greater mobility and enhanced skin appearance. We all look forward to seeing the enhanced appearance of Wanga’s skin, her improved facial mobility and the enriched quality of her life.”
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