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Legendary Barber opens 5th shop 22 November 2017   Male grooming has emerged as one of beauty’s most dynamic segments over the past few years, with make-up, exfoliation, hydration and masking no longer limited to women. This is according to the latest study from global research research firm, Kline, which covered the US male grooming market and found that it reached the $4.5 billion mark in 2016. “Taboos are slowly dropping and a growing number of men are using anti-ageing serums and masks, beauty devices and even make-up,” says Naira Aslanian, the Kline report’s manager. “While make-up for men is now a trend with brands such as Covergirl and Maybelline debuting their first male ambassadors, it is categories like skincare and personal cleansing that have seen the most innovation and progression.” The report further found that the increased purchasing power of millennial men, who follow trends set by look- conscious celebrities, take the notion of self-care to a different level. This desire to associate themselves with a lifestyle synonymous with success and well-being turns male consumers to male-centric salons and barbershops offering personalised services and pampering. Beard-wearing trends are also fueling the barbershop market with, for example, over 60% of Italians wearing a beard these days. This is among the reasons why the barbershops markets in Europe and the United States grow at over 10%. Shaving products are the second fastest growing category after skincare with over 6% growth The robust growth within the professional hair care segment for men, however, did not offset the decline of the overall haircare category caused by lack of innovation and competition from unisex products.
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