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Have Japanese scientists solved mass hair regeneration? 19 February 2018 Science Daily reports that researchers at Japan’s Yokohama National University have developed a method for the mass preparation of hair follicle germs (HFGs) that may lead to a new treatment for hair loss. HFGs are the reproductive sources of the tiny organs that grow and sustain hair. To date one of the more challenging obstacles to hair regenerative medicine has been the preparation of HFGs on a large scale. The Japanese research study, led by Professor Junji Fukuda and published in the Biomaterials journal, reports the successful preparation of up to 5,000 HFGs simultaneously, and reports new hair growth from the HFGs after transplantation into mice. "This simple method is very robust and promising. We hope that this technique will improve human hair regenerative therapy to treat hair loss such as androgenic alopecia. In fact, we have preliminary data that suggests human HFG formation using human keratinocytes and dermal papilla cells," explained Professional Fukuda. It’s not clear exactly when human testing of this new technique may be conducted, but it’s likely to be several years at least.
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