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GWS identifies new wellness trends 05 February 2018      Six Sense Bhutan (pic courtesy of GWS) An era of transformative wellness travel, the rise of the ‘wellness kitchen’ and ‘hacking’ our way to improved overall wellbeing are just three of the trends predicted by the Global Wellness Summit (GWS) for this year. These trends were identified by leaders from the spa, wellness, beauty, fitness, nutrition, technology, medical and architecture sectors, drawn from over 40 nations, at the recent GWS held in Florida, USA. In terms of transformative wellness travel, GWS predicts that more wellness destinations will use the power of wellness circuits and epic storylines to create a ‘necklace’ of linked wellness experiences, rather than disconnected ‘beads’ of travel and spa programming, amenities and itineraries. A case in point is the opening of Six Senses Bhutan, a multi-chapter wellness circuit where people journey across five lodges, at each one totally immersed in one of five key pillars of Bhutan’s ‘Gross National Happiness Index’. The GWS report states: “More destinations will cast you as the fearless hero in a dramatic wellness saga: In Iceland’s The Red Mountain Resort concept, spa-goers follow the intense, five-chapter emotional and sensory voyage of an ancient Icelandic hero. (More wellness experiences will deploy fantasy and wellness ‘avatars’ – consider the craze for ‘training like a mermaid’.) Spa experiences will be reimagined as active, long, nature-roaming journeys (a circuit of hiking, meditation, treatments, etc.), like the all-day Spa Safari at Nihi, Sumba Island. More performance, music and art (‘story’ immersion) will get served up with wellness: like soaking in hot springs while listening to a live concert.” According to the GWS report, the newly christened ‘Wellness Kitchen’ will store and showcase fresh fruits and vegetables as opposed to processed foods, and new designs and technology will celebrate uncluttered, well-ventilated spaces that are as encouraging of socialising as they are of preparing healthy food. Refrigerators will be reimagined to properly store and transparently display fresh fruits and vegetables, and kitchens will have space for gardens and sprouting. Noisy appliances will be a thing of the past. Commenting on the trend of ‘Extreme Wellness’ and ‘hacking our way to better overall wellbeing, the GWS report states: ‘The power to become the best we can be has never been more attainable, and the pursuit of wellness has never been more extreme. Brain ‘hacks’ are on the rise, and there is a surge in brain-optimising nootropics and even private brain optimisation clubs, like the soon-to-launch Field in New York City, which uses neuromodulation technology to create that ‘elite brain’. An age of hyper-personalised, deep-view health and wellness, thanks to tests combining DNA, epigenetic and microbiome testing (like Wellness FX), is on the horizon. In the name of physical and mental wellness, humans are re-wiring themselves to achieve the once impossible.” For more information about the above trends, as well as other 2018 trends identified by the GWS, log on to http://www.globalwellnesssummit.com/2018-global-wellness-trends/
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