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The beauty client of the future is here 2 October 2017   Millennials make up 55% of the beauty client base so salons and spas should be making the effort to get to know them in order to target them effectively. This was the message from a session at the recent Spa & Salon Convention held during the Professional Beauty Johannesburg Expo, which ran at Gallagher Convention Centre Said Nicola Van Huyssteen of Seasons Resort & Spa: “Millennials are addicted to technology, so they check up on the internet about restaurants and brands, etc. They should be doing the same thing about salons and spas, therefore ensure that all the information you give them on the internet and on your social media platforms is accurate. “Millennials are also very focused on time, and on personal wealth, looking good and feeling healthy. They always want to take selfies and will spend money to look good. Millennials are very focused on ‘the journey’.” Van Huyssteen maintained that what makes millennials different to the rest of your clientele is that they want to be unique. “Millennials want you to show them how to be unique. They want customised treatments, they want to be loved and they want to know you are listening to them. If you listen to them they will tell you exactly what they want. Make it about their personal brand; make it about them. “Traditionally spas are tranquil retreats, but why not add small things like ‘selfie stations’, WiFi hotspots and docking stations for chargers, all of which will appeal to millennials. They want you to know that they want cappuccinos. Customise their home care because they won’t buy 20 products, just one or two.” Owner of the Dolce Vita Beauty Centre, Kym-Casey Wagner emphasised the importance of paying attention to trends when dealing with millennials. “To them it’s not just about having the best treatment but the trendiest treatment. So create ‘Insta-worthy treatments’ as you want your millennial clients to post on social media immediately following their treatments.” Blogger and editor, Richard Goller of Fragroom, said that the ‘media millennials’ were a very misunderstood group. “Spa and salon owners need to realise that their media consumption is dynamic. How you interact with these millennials will depend on your success in tapping this market.” In response to a question from the floor about loyalty programmes for millennials, Van Huyssteen expressed the opinion that the days of loyalty cards are over and that such programmes must rather be run via apps. Goller added that it must be a very good app as millennials are a highly tech savvy market. (Report by Joanna Sterkowicz)
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