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Exposome – the next frontier in cosmetics? 19 June 2017                                                                                                           Following the latest trend of skincare products with anti-pollution actives, some ingredient suppliers are now looking at the exposome concept to inspire innovative new formulations in anti-ageing beauty products. The term exposome was first used in 2005 by Dr Christopher Wilde, a cancer epidemiologist, and refers to the totality of (non-genetic) environmental exposures a person experiences from conception throughout life.  Aïna Queiroz from France-based biotechnology company, ID bio, is quoted in Premium Beauty News as saying: “The exposome encompasses a much wider perimeter than urban pollution alone. For example, such factors as stress, microflora, climate, food, tobacco or alcohol consumption, education, UVs, blue light and many other parameters, will be considered as being part of the exposome.” She goes on to note that ID bio is working on three synergistic solutions to combat the effects of the exposome on the skin – namely a mechanical shield, a biological shield and a soothing shield.
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