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Elemis targets the maturing millennial 26 March 2018    Nicci Anstey and Justine Noone Elemis head of international training, Nicci Anstey, and international business manager, Justine Noone, visited The Prestige Cosmetics Group (PCG) in Johannesburg on 19 March to launch three new products in the Superfood skincare range. The Superfood Facial Wash, Day Cream and Night Cream join the bestselling, award-winning Superfood Facial Oil that was launched last year. Said Anstey: “With the Superfood range we are targeting the maturing millennial. It is also priced at a level that is affordable for this market. In launching these products Elemis took note of the current trend for fresh, outdoor, healthy, glowing skin and the consciousness of ‘from food to face’. The maturing millennial is all about ‘I am what I eat’. “There are growing demands for healthy food and healthy skin. Diet is seen as a vital source of nutrients for both skin and body. The Elemis Superfood range is all about the science of its active ingredients. It’s not just a case of adding the likes of broccoli and kale, etc. to our ormulations, we have also brought in a pre-biotic (i.e. food ingredient that induces the growth or activity of beneficial microorganisms). Everyone’s skin has its own skin culture and we need both good and bad bacteria for healthy skin. Good bacteria will support the natural microflora (or ecosystem) to replenish the skin. If your cheeks are dry and your t-zone oily, it means your microflora is not balanced.” Elemis has specifically focused on superfoods because they deliver super anti-oxidants and provide the body with essential nutrients. This range is nutrient rich and vegan friendly. Running through the entire range are minerals such as magnesium, copper and zinc. The Superfood Facial Wash is a pre-biotic gel cleanser that is formulated with a Supergreen Complex, which contains wheatgrass extract, broccoli seed, kale extract, nettle extract, avo oil and organic pumpkin seed. Anstey continued: “The Superfood Day Cream is all about ‘super fruit’ such as gogi berry and ginger ferment to keep the skin refreshed and rich in anti-oxidants. We’ve also added matcha tea and green mandarin water with vitamins A, B and C. In addition, the cream features a new generation of Alpha-Hydroxy Acid (AHA) – lactobionic acid. “Superfood Night Cream contains the Supergrain Complex comprised of flaxseed, quinoa, barley, rice bran, black seed, chia seed and almond milk. Today our nighttime routine is so precious and valuable. It’s a window of opportunity when resting is so important, not only for the body but for the skin as well. “As Elemis co-founder, Noella Gabriel, says: ‘The microflora is the very first defence barrier against environmental stresses that can harm skin vitality. It’s crucial to keep the microflora balanced for good skin health. The super ingredients that run through this range offer holistic nutrition for your skin and work super synergistically with all the foods, juices, and supplements you consume.” (Report by Joanna Sterkowicz)
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