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Skincare goes the DNA route 03 April 2018 South African cosmeceutical skincare brand optiphi has partnered with DNAlysis Biotechnology to offer clients a comprehensive skincare treatment plan unique to their skin’s DNA. “It is your DNA that makes you unique and what would be better than to base your skincare regime on your individual skin needs?” says optiphi brand manager, Delia Greeff. She continues: “Depending on the test selected, the results of this non- invasive Skin DNA test will deliver personal lifestyle, nutrition and product recommendations for improved skincare.” Participating optiphi salons and spas will have DNA Collection Kits to enable them to take a simple DNA sample from clients via a cheek swab. “This swab can reveal your genetic results and assist your skin professional to prescribe a comprehensive optiphi treatment plan and homecare regime to target your unique skin needs. The optiphi DNA Test is available in the following two options: DNA Skin (delivers results focusing on your genetic risk factors specific to skin, and include personalised recommendations of optiphi skin products and treatment plans); and DNA Skin Plus (delivers results focusing on your genetic risk factors specific to skin, nutrition and lifestyle to ultimately improve your skin holistically).
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