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Latest beauty trends set to make their mark 29 January 2018 Masks, including self-dissolving micro-needle masks, skincare supplements (some in powder form) and gender-neutral beauty are just some of the top beauty trends that Harper’s Bazaar has identified for 2018. Also in the list is an emphasis on body skincare (as in caring for your body with the same attention as you do your face) and brands for active women. The latter trend is seeing skincare brands developing ranges and products to use specifically before and after exercise. Harper’s Bazaar has also identified environmentally friendly products and packaging and bespoke treatments as trends that will continue to grow this year. In addition, it predicts that cannabis will increasingly be used in calming and anti- inflammatory skincare products due to its recognised medicinal properties. In the move towards more natural looking make-up, a steady rise in weightless foundations with water-light textures is predicted.
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